Naistenpäivä and thoughts about culture

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Last week I had the pleasure of celebrate a special day with Daisy Ladies. On 6th March we celebrated “Naistenpäivä”, and it was really beautiful, like everything that Daisy Ladies does. We walked close to the river with a big flag of Daisy Ladies, and each of us had in her hand a rose and a little flag of her country. We crossed the streets with music, and when we met someone, we gave them a rose. When we arrived to the bridge, Hissu spoke to all the people that were there, and then we threw at the same time our rose to the river.

It was a very beautiful and emotive performance, and with this, Daisy Ladies taught us something very important in this beautiful day: we must be proud of us, for were born in our countries, and for be women, and we mustn’t forget it never.

– Silvia


– – –

Hi everyone, I’m Jiayi, happy to see you here.

This week I am thinking about the culture of immigrants themselves, how to treat their own culture. In Daisy Ladies, we would not just listen to others, the most wonderful part is we share with others. We introduce our own country to everyone, this is an opportunity to increase cultural self-confidence, which is important for living abroad. But during the introduce, everyone could share their own culture. It is really amazing to know cultural difference. What’s more, Daisy Ladies is a warm place, just makes me feel at home. The atmosphere is like beautiful melody, laughing, talking, smiling, it is a harmony place, everyone comes here to make happiness.

And last Friday, you couldn’t know how excited I am, we had an excellent walk, we walked to the bridge with our countries’ flags, Daisy Ladies flag and beautiful roses. We sang together for the Women’s Day, we were full of sunshine like the weather. When we got the bridge, we threw roses into the river, and the funny thing is someone threw the gloves in the same time. This is my first time to join an activity like this, Daisy Ladies really brings me a lot of new experience, I’m lucky that I can come here to listen, to observe, and to learn. Thank you, Daisy Ladies!

– Jiayi