Midpoint and China Day

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I’ve already lived in Finland for two months and I think it’s the time to reflect about my Erasmus and my work here. When I arrived Finland, my main objective was to meet people from different countries, to learn from them, and I think I got it! Furthermore, I can say that two months later, I continue meeting new people every day!

However, if I stop and I think about my period living here, I’m getting more things that this one. My Erasmus and the opportunity to work with Daisy Ladies is helping me to grow up. Now, I don’t cross the door of Daisy Ladies with the same thoughts I did in the beginning. Now, I cross the door confident, with knowledge to use and more excited to learn that before. I must be thankful to Daisy Ladies for all these improvements!

I think I’m reflecting about all these things because I’m aware of my period here is finishing, and I must enjoy it as much as possible! Now, my goal for these weeks, is to learn as I’m doing since I arrived, but especially, I want to teach, and leave in Daisy Ladies and in these beautiful people something of my personality and experience, to be part of this family although I have to come back to my daily life.

Before start Erasmus you always think at least once what could happen if you don’t meet people. It is imposible! Here everybody meet people! This kind of programs are for that, so everybody has a very opened mind and like making new friends everyday.

Finnish people is so kind, i met a few of them and they are very friendly. The first night I didn’t have where to sleep, and I slept in a finnish girl’s house, she was so kind! They always want to help people and if you speak with them respecting their personal space, they will be comfortable.

But here I haven’t met people only from Finland, I met people from so many contries! I’m living in Student Village, and here there are a lot of Erasmus people. I live with people from Italy, Belgium, UE, Hong Kong, France… and Spain also! It is amazing to spend time with different people everyday, and we are not too much differents! For example, I met three girls that are scouts like me! Juliette from Belgium, Caroline from France and Dana from Germany. Wherever you go, you will find people with the same values as you. It was the reason for I wanted to live that experience, it is something that everybody must experiment!

– Silvia

– – –

Hi everyone, I’m Jiayi. This week is amazing, we had a “China Day” on Monday. I wear a Chinese shirt (made in daisy ladies) which is beautiful. And we pasted spring couplets and windowpanes together, we made the room like a Chinese house. Everything was perfect. Tea ceremony, chopsticks learning, Tai Chi, calligraphy and makeup, they made me feel like home. I enjoy introducing Chinese culture to others, and I think it’s indispensable for immigrant background ladies to know other cultures. Because nowadays, the social orientation is diverse, instead of the single interest one, which is called social pluralism. What’s more, with the development of communication technology, the diversity is a major factor for our national survival. As a part of this country, this is also a necessary factor for us. Countries consist of people from different culture, knowing each other is not just for making friends, the most important is to understand and reduce conflict. Last week, I went to Lapland, the most impressed thing is when I looked up at night, I saw stars covered with the sky. They are so beautiful, but I know why I love the sky? I love the stars, not one of them. They made everyone surprised because they shine together and illuminate the starry sky. And so do us. Where do we go? Maybe we just go together, this is enough for now.

– Jiayi