By February 28, 2020Uncategorized

Today I want to speak about one topic that it can look like a problem for people that is doing Erasmus like me, but I can tell you in advance that it isn’t something we can face: “languages”

Is the language a barrier to learn or to work in a foreign country? Yes, it is, but it doesn’t mean that it would be a problem. Communication between people with a different language is only difficult if you don’t try to learn and to understand. Since I came here, I hear every day so many languages that I don’t understand, but it isn’t a matter!

It is truth that at the beginning, everything is a mess, because it is weird to listen a language and not understand it, and with Finnish, it happens every day! Finnish is a very difficult but very logical language; it is so different if you compare it with languages like English or French. But foreign people in Finland have an advantage so big: everybody knows English, included elderly and children! So, it is so easy speak with Finnish people.

But English is not always a solution to resolve the language barrier. In Daisy Ladies there are women from different countries, like Iran, Irak and Somalia, and a few of them don’t speak English, so it is a mess! But as I said before, if you want to communicate, it is not a problem. Body language is so similar around the world, and although they speak between them in Arabic or Finnish, someone that speak English can translate the most important things and help you in the conversation.

As a summary, I’m always in an atmosphere where I don’t understand the language that people use, but it isn’t uncomfortable or weird. We must understand that everybody is more comfortable speaking in their own language, so if we arrive to a foreign country, we have to do an effort to learn and participate actively in the conversation and communication. Now, I understand some words in Finnish and Arabic!

– Silvia