Ystävänpäivä and thoughts of a movie

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Last week, we celebrated in Daisy Ladies one of the most beautiful days of the year: “St Valentine’s Day”. But this day in Finland is more beautiful and special that in countries like Spain, where this day is only for couples. Here, on 14th of February is “Ystävänpäivää”, that means “Friend’s Day”. Everybody hug each other and spend time with their friends, it is so beautiful!

And Daisy Ladies, as a family that they are, celebrates it also. We started the day having a delicious breakfast and we were spending time together, listening to music. Manthana did a big heart of paper with some red roses we did the day before, she’s and artist!

There was an amazing atmosphere, of happiness and love, but it was better when we did an amazing activity, where each one had to write beautiful and positive adjectives of the others. It was so beautiful! Daisies wrote me that I’m beautiful, kind, friendly, and they feel as I was their daughter! It was so emotive.

Daisy Ladies is always doing beautiful things. I love this place and these people! Now, I have a pink heart full of positive words that I’ll bring to my home country when I’ll come back. But it hasn’t got only a few words, it has the essence of beautiful people.

– Silvia

– – –

Hi everyone, I am Jiayi. The most impressed thing this week I want to share with you is a movie, “Where do we go”.

The movie is about anti-war theme in this feminine perspective, with Lebanon’s Christian and Muslim clashes as the background. It uses black humor to tell the story of women living in the same small village by various means to bridge the conflict between their Muslim or Christian husbands and sons. The unique female perspective on the interpretation of religious ethnic conflicts is extraordinarily moving. There is both the joy and the pain. A group of women can pretend to be psychic for peace, or even hide her son’s body alone, and give up their beliefs. This is my first time to watch movies about religion. My family doesn’t have religion, in that case, I have never experienced the choice of religion and peace. And I am really sorry that I can just cry for the mother that her boy dead for the chaotic war, instead of truly understanding. In my mind, if there is war, then everyone must and should try their best to ensure that all gun muzzles are pointed to foreign invaders. So when I saw the mother hide her boy just for the whole village’s peace, I seem to really understand what is the conflict between religion and war. And women’s power and their wisdom are great. They are the most beautiful women. This film is referred to as the “third film”, which is different from the “first film” (Hollywood film) that swept the audience with spectacles and the “second film” (art film) which is centered on the author. They regarded the movie as a national liberation movement. “The camera is a rifle, the film is a detonator, and the projector is a gun which is capable of shooting 24 frames per second. This is right, peace shouldn’t be born with, but peace is everything, and we deserve it.

– Jiayi