“Oma maa mansikka muu maa mustikka”

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I’ve been in Daisy Ladies for already 26 days, almost a month! The days pass and I really feel at home. These women are teaching me more than they think, and I’m very comfortable here. I believe it is amazing that they welcomed me and Jiayi very well since we came the first time, and now we are part of Daisy Ladies. They include us in all activities, and they always help us. Jasmine and Saediya are always translating us everything in English, so I don’t know where we could do without them! And the women that effort everyday and think activities and search resources to help these daisies, I think they are incredible. Neriman for example, she is an artist! She paints so well and her activities are so original and creative. Anays makes an atmosphere of happiness and motivation, she is always smiling! And she is able to transmit energy to people around her, something so important to enjoy everything you do. Thanks of Birgit, Finnish language is a bit easier, I’m improving it! I don’t know what we would do without her patience. This week she told us this sentence: “Omaa maa mansikka muu maa mustikka” that means “home sweet home”, it is perfect to describe that place!

One of Scouts rules is that we are in this world to help another people and to do their life easier, leaving our problems in another side, and give people around us the facilities to be comfortable and feel happy with our presence. I think that sometimes I forget it, I’m so focus in my things and I lose this essence that characterize us. But these women remind me it everyday.

I’m not going to be here for so much more time, and I really think what am I going to do without this big family. I’m trying to learn everyday as much I can because I’m sure it is an opportunity I can only live once in life.

– Silvia

– – –

Hi, I’m Jiayi. New week is coming again.

I gained a lot this week. Daisy ladies really gave me so much surprise. There are always creative activities, everyday is different and new. Finland is really a wonderful country, but the weather here is cloudy and rainy. It’s difficult for immigrants to find their sense of belonging. So it’s really important to keep our ladies fresh and interesting at all times. Daisy ladies does a good job in this area. Here, everyone feels like home and family. This really helps us and makes me remind of my family. Thanks to my Finnish teacher, my Finnish got some progress (Finnish is really difficult), I have learned some simple greetings and numbers. And I knew a few more ladies. Almost every morning I could meet Makka in the bus. She is so nice and so beautiful, the first time I met her I couldn’t find she is pregnant, her baby must as pretty as her, wish that I could see her baby. And I have to say Mathana, I like her very much. She is good at handcraft, her elephants are the cutest in the world. What’s more, There are countless ideas in her brain, if I have them I would get A in every class. Of course, Neriman’s cakes, I would never forget their taste, nothing could replace them.

Daisy ladies gave me so much surprise, and I would prepare a surprise for everyone here. Surprise!!!!!!!

– Jiayi