Our week in DaisyLadies

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This week I want to share with you what we did on Monday 3rd February, because i believe that it shows the essence of Daisy Ladies. This day had the goal of improve our skills and to look after our body, something very important to be proud of ourselves.  After doing a bit of exercice and dance to wake up and to be ready for the day, we did and amazing activity: henna tattoos! Some daisies knew how to do them, and I think it is amazing they want to share their artistic skills with us. People from different countries sharing their knowledge and skills in a same activity, teaching each other and having fun together. This is Daisy Ladies!

The last activity of the day was a class to learn how to look after our skin. We did it also together, and we learnt a lot from the professional who gave us the tips and from each other! Do you know how many creams you must use to have your skin in good conditions? A lot of them!

To learn and to have fun together at the same time, it is the best way to live 😊

– Silvia


– – –

Hi, I am Jiayi. Time flies in Daisy Ladies, it’s Friday again. I have to say this week is too amazing that I don’t want to leave it.

On Monday, we went to play games together, this is one of the most wonderful things there. Everyone comes from different cultural background, everyone has their own personality, so it’s difficult to make everybody join. However, we were all happy. I thought of the Howthorne effect. We all tried our best to join in, the most important point is not how funny the game is, it’s enough attention and encourage for everyone. I am very lucky to meet Anays and learn much from her. She just won’t leave anyone alone. I am always thinking what is indispensable to people with immigration background, we should make them feel like home. Of course, they need the language, work and the necessities of life, but what about the psychological necessities? This is the primary for their psychological identity. I hope if one day I could work in immigration, I could have such passion and considerateness like her. And I got an excellent gift from Neriman, she painted a beautiful butterfly on my hand, I couldn’t believe this was her first time to do this, I wish I could have such flexible hands. On Wednesday, I made dumplings and rice balls for ladies, because it would soon be Lantern Festival, I hope to celebrate with them. Rice ball in China means reunion, we don’t cut it, this means nothing can separate us, no matter where we are, our hearts are always together, “但愿人长久,千里共婵娟”. During the production, there are some problems, thanks to Jasmine and Saediya, they were always by my side. I couldn’t make it without them. I am so sorry that I spent too much time to cook that ladies had to wait for me, I promise it won’t happen again.

For me, it’s difficult to remember everyone’s name. Because every lady is so beautiful and their names’ meanings are different from names in China. But I can recognize 7 ladies now, every week I can make some new friends. It’s really a good thing that there is something to look forward to in the life. And I give best wishes to my country, please get well soon.

– Jiayi