New Erasmus exchange students

By January 31, 2020Uncategorized

Good morning everyone!

I’m Silvia Ros, I’m 20 years old and I’m a Spanish girl in Finland 😊

Since I was a child I always dreamt travelling around the world, meet new people and have experiences to tell, and I’m getting it!

I’m studying Psychology in Gijón, a nice city in the north of Spain and my University gave me the opportunity to come here to do Erasmus. At the biggining I was a bit confused and I wasn’t sure to do it, but the children of a Scouts Group where I’m monitor convinced me. So, I’ll live here for five months! I am here already for one month and I feel at home. Everybody says that Finland is a dark and cold country, but it isn’t true! People is so amazing and this country has beautiful hidden places, you only have to discover them!

Two weeks ago I started to work with Daisy Ladies Ry, and I can only say this is amazing! I feel like I have been  knowing them all my live! For me, to be in this place that helps women to improve themself and learn from each other, is a pleasure, and each day I’m here I’m happier. I only can say THANKS!

I just lived many experiences since I’m here, and it is only the start point of this adventure 😊


Hi, I am Jiayi Guo. I am an exchange student from China. This is my first time to leave such far from my home, I have to say the beginning was totally a mess, everything was new. A few days later, I came to Daisy Ladies for my practice training. At first, I thought it’s just a different lesson, maybe twice a week. But after the first week, everything has changed. Except traveling, Daisy Ladies is the only place that I am looking forward to everyday. Twice a week are not enough, I need more!!! It’s like a candy, I just couldn’t stop it. You know, I don’t know Finnish, but we can’t use phones here. At first, I just sit and confused about what they’re doing. However, I have to say, this rule is excellent!!!It makes me to use my heart, to desire everything. I can feel what the ladies feel, see what they are doing instead of using phone to cover up my disintegration. What’s more, I got my “diplomatic partner”–Jasmine. She is really a nice translator. I like her very much. And I find two nice “noisy” ladies, Silvia and our Finnish teacher. I was really lucky meeting them in Finland. I think we would never go to fish together. We have kinds of activities. On Thursday, we went to make our plate together. We wrote down our names, countries with our own language. This gave me deep impression. We have different nationalities, different cultures but we just wrote them together. I always believe that there won’t be any understanding only if we know each other fully. In Daisy Ladies, we are doing this, we are respectable and understandable. We are the daisy ladies.