Pampering Day 1.4.

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Probably you have had a lot of fun yesterday because of the 1st of April, day when you can fool your friends and do not feel bad about it. We like this day! For us it started with the joke that was really cruel. One of our Finnish teachers told us that she had heard the weather forecast for next week and the weather should be -10˚C again. We almost get depressed but then she started laughing at us and admitted that it was just a joke.

But even so it was really nice day to all the women in Muistola. After traditional morning coffee we went to TAIMI II to spend pampering day – special day for women that being hold on first Monday of every month. Every time there are different activities for ladies. Yesterday we had yoga class and art class. So, how was that?

First, we had some stretching exercises with professional yoga teacher. It may sound hard but all the exercises were adapted for beginners. She focused on proper breathing and feeling the whole body during the workout. Afterwards everyone felt relaxed and full of positive emotions.

Then it was time for art. Artist Sini Talonen brought lots of beautiful bright flowers. Our aim was to create a mandala on the floor and everyone could express his feelings and emotions through this artistic act.

Tulips, peonies, narcissi, hyacinths, lavenders and more. It looked like colorful rug fool of life and power. All the women were enjoying the process of creating together.


After healthy spring-styled lunch we continued with our creative activities. Now we should make a painting with water colors. No rules, just turn on your imagination and do what you feel. In the process of art every woman opens her mind and heart letting her creativity to spread out. We felt like part of the whole thing and it made us happy and involved. Atmosphere of harmony make people to be closer to each other.

After discussing our work, we picked up flowers we liked and made personal bouquets to take it home and bring the happiness there with us.

It was nice sunny day full of smiles and positive vibes and we were happy to spend it with our ladies.


– Exchange students Anna and Evgeniya