Our internship in DaisyLadies

By November 30, 2018Uncategorized

Did you know that  DaisyLadies is a big multicultural flower garden? Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Thailand, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, Finland and from now on – Ukraine. We are exchange students from Ukraina who are happy to have an internship in DaisyLadies and explore international culture, to learn new things every day together with Ladies.

From the first day, we felt like in a big family, and Muistola smelt like a home. Every day was filled with different activities that connected and inspired us. So what have we learned during our adventure into a multicultural environment?

1. You don`t need to know the language to find a common language.  The secret is to be open and kind to every person that you meet

2. We ruined our stereotypes. Yes, meals of East countries are really tasty.

3. Social business! Thanks to «Daisy Cafe» we have seen how does it work from the inside

4. How to cook, do art, make needlework and speak Finnish.

5. Every culture is unique and special, has a great history. So it`s important to respect everyone as we live in one home called The Earth

We would like to say big big thank you to our lovely mentors Hissu and Anays for being great teachers for us. Thanks to our coleages for being so friendly and supportive. Thanks to every Lady for their open hearts.

Lena and Olena, DaisyLadies from Ukraine