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By November 25, 2017DaisyLadies

I am an exchange student from Greece doing my practice in social work. Due to the fact my country is facing a very bad financial situation I wanted to experience a way of life different from my society and more ‘‘strong’’. That’s why I choose Finland. To come here was one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to achieve in my life. Paper work seemed like it had a beginning but never an end and through the uncertainty and the chaos after 5 months of hard preparation I finally came to Finland.

Reality was really far from imagination because Finland is a country that is covered with snow. This is quite unprecedented to me because in Greece sun is always in the sky. People here are distant between each other and that is something that confuses me a lot. The only thing I knew was that I am going to work in a placement named Daisy Ladies which is occupied by immigrant women who have come to this country in a search of a better tomorrow for them and their families. In contrast with this country’s situation when I made my first steps to Daisy Ladies I couldn’t stop noticing that everything is so opposite here.

It was like I entered a room that was keeping the sun inside and didn’t let him out. Everything here is so bright, smiley, kind and most of all active. This is a colourful place were women from all over the world come, work and learn the language. Also, they learn hygiene, they cook traditional food and exercise every morning. This place is very well organized: the staff has managed to keep every woman in there in a team despite the fact they come from different cultures and have different languages. It is quite a touching experience because in my country there is not something similar.

First of all I’m excited by the women who are in charge of Daisy Ladies. They are very organized, friendly, tolerate and if it needs to they put limits to the daily activities. I feel like I belong somewhere and everyday I get up with excitement and full of energy because I know that this will be another day of offering without feeling obligation to do this.

Now I understand the actual meaning of ‘‘The name DaisyLadies is derived from a vital and persistent flower which survives in difficult conditions if sufficiently watered and nourished’’.

Elektra Solidaki; has come to Finland on the 26th of January, 2013.

Written by Elektra Solidaki